Privacy and GDPR in Europe and everywhere else.
May 25th, 2018

The apps that we do are focused on you giving us a specific price for a product, not us selling your data. Therefore, your data is only stored on your device, we don't ever see them. Which means, that you can delete the app and all your data will be wiped, we have never synced them to any servers. If you do an backup of your phone, and restore to a new one, Apple are the ones giving you the files, not us. During the basic setup/restore process. If you install it again afterwards, you have to manually enter your information again, if you want to. This is the case for My LCHF and Diet Signal, none of our other apps are using data in any shape way or form. We don't store your preferences, body data or IP address on our servers, we find that creepy, and don't subscribe to the surveillance of user data.

By using this practice, you are in full control of your data, and none of it has ever been moved to our servers. Basicly we don't even have a server for the app, we only have a website, where you can interact with us, which is where you're reading this. We don't store cookies or anything like that.

We think, that by using this practice, you are in full control of your data and you know that when you give us money, by buying an app or by downloading it for free on the App Store (in the case of My LCHF). That is the only transaction, that is ever going to happen between you and our company. That is also why we haven't ever had a privacy policy, because your data is yours, and that's what our position is towards privacy. Unfortunately, not many others feel this way. Hope that settles any questions that may have arisen due to privacy and GDPR.


Happy New Year and Low Carb Life
December 31st, 2013

Our new app Low Carb Life has been released just before New Year's. It will provide you with a list of different recipes if you're on LCHF, ketogenic diet or low carb. Among those are burgers, sauces, pizza, beef, cakes, bread and various other treats, that will make you healthier.

Along with the information for each recipe, it will show you that amount of carbs (net carbs), protein, dietary fiber and fat in each recipe. These data, will help you make sure, that you're on your goal e.g. 50g of carbs each day, if that is your goal.

You can read more about it here.


Metonim is one year old
December 12th, 2013

Today it's exactly 12 months ago, that we decided to start Metonim. We thought, that it would be a great idea to have 12/12/12 as the founding date.

During this time, we've had many wonderful experience with all of you, who use our apps. We greatly appreciate the feedback, and are working on making them better every day. Currently we've almost finished our recipe app. Most of the time, has actually been spend making recipes and making our own little platform, for entering recipes. But there's a lot of curation, and therefore it has taken a little more time, than we'd initially thought. The first version of the recipe app, has been finished for some time now.

There was a great concert on the 12th of December 2012, where among others Eric Clapton played, therefore we thought of a song, that fits mostly to what we're trying to do. We're making apps, that we use ourselves every day. We try to help you improve your eating habits - and appreciate the fun and creativity in preparing a home cooked meal, thereby improving your health - and your life with extra energy. If we've just touched one life, it would make a big difference to us.

Furthermore, we've included this TED talk by Jamie Oliver, who is not exactly low carb, but who is trying to cut down sugar and spreading the word about appreciating home cooked food.

If you'd like to share your story, you can get in contact with us, by either writing an email or by sending us a message on twitter.


My LCHF, what is LCHF? and getting further
August 6th, 2013

LCHF what is this? LCHF is an abbreviation for Low Carb, High Fat. It's a diet, that is actually a ketogenic diet, which has been known for ages, but has fallen out of favor, due to the scare about fat and heart disease. This fallacy has been rectified many different places, but one of these is in this book. But also in this movie Fat Head. To get a quick simple overview of LCHF, try reading more at the Diet Doctor.

We're getting a little further with our recipe app, it will be an app solely for iOS 7. There are so many great things available in the new mobile operating system by Apple, and we want to be ready to take advantage of them, and also the new look is just so fantastic, that we cannot avoid it.

In the mean time, we've released our first free app called My LCHF, which is a simple app, that helps you get an overview of some biometric stats about your body, when you decide to get into LCHF. Some of these are important, like your metabolic rate - but it's also important not to get too much protein, when you're on LCHF. LCHF is a fat diet, it's not a meat diet, it's easily possible to be a vegetarian on LCHF.

You can read more about My LCHF here.


Reducing the feedback cycle
June 12th, 2013

When driving a car you need to steer it in the right direction. If you're sitting behind the steering wheel in a car, and don't get immediate feedback, you're probably going to crash - if you don't drive so slow, that you might as well walk.

We're currently working on our recipe app, which doesn't have a name or codename, yet. We're doing what we can to minimize the feedback cycle. We've found, that reducing the feedback cycle, is absolutely essential for producing good products. First of all, because you get some feedback -- but also you're constantly refining your work, making it better. The faster the feedback cycle, the faster you refine, and finally get a better product. Chipping away small corners of the stone, to reveal the gem.

Therefore we're building a very simple internal tool for entering recipes, where we can calculate the total amount of net carbs, protein and fat in a recipe - and also the energy percentage. All of this will of course be available in the app, when we're ready.

For the recipes, we needed a giant list of ingredients with information about net carbohydrates, fat, protein and alcohol, to be able to calculate the amount of kilojoules in a meal. All of which contribute information, we needed to process and put into a list. During this process, we came up with the idea, that we could actually produce an app with all this information. This resulted in Diet Signal, which is available here, which you might already know.

Of course, the recipe app will put focus towards LCHF and low carb, as we think knowledge about it is important. If you have any ideas for us, or suggestions - please don't hesitate to contact us.


Diet Signal v1.2.0 and net carbs
June 4th, 2013

Our app Diet Signal has been updated to v1.2.0 with some minor bugfixes, that primarily fix issues in the danish version. It also includes one major change, based upon user feedback. We now use net carbs, for calculation of the signals for each food.

The difference between carbohydrates and net carbs, is that some carbohydrates are not digestable - these are known as fiber. If you want to know a little more about net carbs, you can find a decent explanation here. Considering this, we think it makes more sense, to not count these carbohydrates when using the app to look at which foods are good for you.

An example for which you still need to be careful about eating, if you're on low carb, is almonds. Almonds includes a lot of fiber however, therefore they aren't all as bad, as you might think when looking at them initially. Almonds contain lots of other nutrients and fats, but as they contain 20g of carbohydates per 100g, you still shouldn't eat too many each day.

If you like our app, please leave a review on the App Store, or help us spread the word to help support our development, so we can continue doing it, if you know somebody, you think could benefit from using the app, you can always gift it directly from the App Store.

If you have any ideas for us, or suggestions - please don't hesitate to contact us.


Diet Signal and LCHF
June 1st, 2013

Hi there, thank you for visiting our website. We've been thinking about writing a few blog posts here, for some time. Finally, we're ready to add a blogging section to this company webpage.

It'll basicly be a few different topics, not necessary about or related to our products. In our app Diet Signal we're trying to inform our users about low carb diets, in particular the LCHF diet, which is also known as the Swedish diet. Note however, that we're not doctors, and therefore we recommend you talk to your doctor before you start. We see this more of a lifestyle change, than anything else.

The basic principle is, that you mostly avoid carbohydrates in your diet, this is also one of the highlights of the Paleo diet, along with the fact, that you should avoid processed foods - which we also recommend for a LCHF diet. We recommend the overview posted by the Diet Doctor, who is a Swedish doctor, focusing most of his work towards LCHF, he also has a YouTube channel with some great presentations. The basic advantages about LCHF can be read here. But we also recommend his list of questions/answers about LCHF that are presented here.

Good luck


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