Privacy and GDPR in Europe and everywhere else.
May 25th, 2018

The apps that we do are focused on you giving us a specific price for a product, not us selling your data. Therefore, your data is only stored on your device, we don't ever see them. Which means, that you can delete the app and all your data will be wiped, we have never synced them to any servers. If you do an backup of your phone, and restore to a new one, Apple are the ones giving you the files, not us. During the basic setup/restore process. If you install it again afterwards, you have to manually enter your information again, if you want to. This is the case for My LCHF and Diet Signal, none of our other apps are using data in any shape way or form. We don't store your preferences, body data or IP address on our servers, we find that creepy, and don't subscribe to the surveillance of user data.

By using this practice, you are in full control of your data, and none of it has ever been moved to our servers. Basicly we don't even have a server for the app, we only have a website, where you can interact with us, which is where you're reading this. We don't store cookies or anything like that.

We think, that by using this practice, you are in full control of your data and you know that when you give us money, by buying an app or by downloading it for free on the App Store (in the case of My LCHF). That is the only transaction, that is ever going to happen between you and our company. That is also why we haven't ever had a privacy policy, because your data is yours, and that's what our position is towards privacy. Unfortunately, not many others feel this way. Hope that settles any questions that may have arisen due to privacy and GDPR.


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